Why Compass

Why Compass A portfolio design to give you confidence the toughest critics can appreciate.

Your Compass Portfolio will have good days and bad days, and good months and bad months, but over time Compass Portfolio Series' enhanced portfolio design has weathered the storm. A foundation based on diversification, external investment managers, disciplined strategies and low fees are the secrets of Compass Portfolios’ success. They’re also the foundation which we build your personal plan on.

The Compass Portfolio Series is a group of mutual funds managed by ATB Investment Management Inc.. There are six mutual funds in the Compass Portfolio Series and, each offers three series, A, F1 and O. For more information on the Compass Portfolio Series or investing in mutual funds please continue reading or refer to the prospectus.



Building Your Road map

1. Define what success means to you

It may be retiring in Palm Springs. Maybe it’s taking every Friday off work. Whatever your vision of success is, the first step to getting there is knowing what your success looks like.

Define Success 
2. Develop your road map

Developing your plan starts with a clear understanding of how much you need to save, in order to reach your goals. From there, your advisor will guide you through the options and help determine the correct path for you.

Develop Dream Map 
3. Choose the right Compass Portfolio

Once you've designed your road map, your Advisor will help you select the Compass Portfolio that best fits your plan based on a number of important factors such as how much time you have to invest, how much money you need now and in the future, and your tolerance for risk.

Compass Portfolio 
4. Stay the course

Your investments will fluctuate from time to time. Resist the temptation to succumb to market panics or investment-trend greed and stay the course. If you follow your road map, ATB Investment Management Inc.’s proven Compass Portfolio Series strategies will help get you where you want to go.

Stay The Course 

Advisors who focus on you

Securing a successful financial future begins with finding the right advisor. We all have a definition of financial success, but financial success is more than just a numbers game. Finding that right someone can help guide you through financial choppy waters to investing success. The right advisor can help keep your emotions in check during turbulent times, by helping you off the ledge, and avoiding the pitfalls of jumping ship at inopportune times.


 Advisors Advise

Team approach to investing

We pool our intellectual and financial resources to make better investment decisions and to achieve cost efficiencies of scale by investing hundreds of millions of dollars at a time. Investments of that size opens doors to opportunities retail investors can’t access.

Team Approach
Team Approach Investing