Investment Managers London. New York. Alberta? Some of the best investment managers reside in your own backyard.

Compass Portfolios Series is not constrained by the expertise of an in-house team of investment managers. ATB Investment Management Inc. designed Compass Portfolio Series to leverage the expertise of some of the very best investment Sub-Advisors in Canada. The Sub-Advisors we select for the Compass Portfolio Series specialize in a specific type of investment. We don’t hire Sub-Advisors who dabble in a little bit of everything.


Team approach

The ATB Investment Management Inc. portfolio managers overseeing Compass Portfolio Series Sub-Advisors are supported by insight and ideas from both an investment committee and outside consultants. Collectively we leave no opportunity unturned.

Team Approach
 Team Approach

Big investments open doors

Purchasing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of investments at once opens the doors of high-calibre investment managers that retail investors can’t access. The scale of Compass Portfolio Series investments allows us to participate in exclusive private equity, commercial mortgages and real estate investment trust opportunities.

Big Investements Open Doors

Big Investments 

Hand picked

ATB Investment Management Inc.’s portfolio managers interview the decision makers and leadership teams of all the Sub-Advisors involved with the Compass Portfolio Series.

Hand Picked

Specialized in one area

We pick investment firms that are amongst the best in Canada at one specific kind of investment as opposed to jack-of-all-trades firms that oversee dozens of different kinds of investments.

Specialized In One Area
Specialized One Area