Investment Firms

Investment Firms Our commitment to objectivity is solidified by our refreshing approach to combining the resources of investment firms across Canada.

By combining our team of investment experts with the right team of external Sub-Advisors, we create an arms-length relationship between ATB Investment Management Inc. and our Sub-Advisors. This enhances our ability to evaluate our Sub-Advisors objectively. Because we are not restricted by the expertise within our own back yard, we can create an All-Star team of Sub-Advisors by seeking out some of the most well respected Investment firms across Canada. The investment firms below earned and maintain a spot on our team because they share the same investment focus that complements our investment philosophy.

Outperforming is a team effort

Every investment firm on the Compass Portfolio Series team has a specific position to play. Goalies don’t set foot in the faceoff circle – just like Compass Portfolio Series' Sub-Advisors stick to their specific type of investing. Every Sub-Advisor on your Compass Portfolio Series team does his or her part for the long-term success of your portfolio.


Compass' Trusted Investment Firms