Portfolio Design

Portfolio Design Investment advisors aren’t fortune tellers. Diversification is important because no one can predict the future.

Each Compass Portfolio is diversified through asset classes, geography, markets and sectors, to cast a wide net for opportunities and to withstand shocks to individual investments. Sub-Advisors analyze a mountain of data, but no one can predict the future with perfect clarity. Billions of people, new technologies, politicians and events beyond our control interact in myriad ways to influence your portfolio. We do know, that Compass Portfolio Series’ diverse asset mix and investment strategies have helped investor’s weather and succeed in the wild ride that is the global economy for over ten years. If your portfolio is properly diversified, we foresee you reaching your goals in the future.

Equities? Bonds? Opposites work together.

In a broader context, you can manage your risk level by changing your exposure of equities and bonds. Over time equities generally give you hi​gher rates of return but a bumpier ride than the more stable, predictable yet lower return bonds.

Risk And Return

World of opportunities

Many Albertans have a tendency to invest in their own backyard. There are lots of advantages to investing beyond Canada’s borders. We’ll help you navigate a world full of opportunities to grow your savings, and live the lifestyle you want now and in the future.

World Of Opportunities


Active or passive investing? We do both.

Compass Portfolios pays investment managers to choose individual equities when we believe there’s a chance to find opportunities others may have overlooked. We invest in less costly market indexes when we don’t believe paying investment managers will add enough value to cover their fees.