World of Opportunities

World Of Opportunities

We made the portfolio model used by pension funds and ultra-wealthy individuals accessible to every Albertan.

Compass Portfolio Series invests worldwide in equities and bonds, plus alternative investments including real estate investment trusts (REITs), commercial mortgages and private equity. The combination of traditional and alternative assets in each Compass Portfolio seeks to deliver higher returns for the same level of risk.

On a risk-return basis, REITs, commercial mortgages and private equity make very attractive investments as part of your diversified portfolio. Alternative assets have different characteristics that complements well with a portfolio of more traditional asset classes such as bonds and equities. Alternative investments have the potential to reduce equity market risk and portfolio volatility, while potentially offering a higher return due to their unique characteristics.

Compass Portfolio Series Sub-Advisors travel around the world in search of opportunities and to perform due diligence on your investments. We believe that numbers can only tell you so much about a company. It’s important to meet the people running the show.


Active or passive investing? We do both. ATB Investment Management Inc. will pay Sub-Advisors to analyze and pick individual securities when we believe there’s a chance to find opportunities others may have overlooked. We invest in less costly market indexes when we don’t believe paying Sub-Advisors will add enough value to cover their fees.