Impact of Fees

Impact of Fees Compass Portfolio Series offer one of the most competitive fees amongst our peers.

Low fees, a disciplined investment process and steady growth have made the Compass Portfolio Series one of the most successful portfolios solutions out there. You might think that one percent or half-a-percent lower fees aren’t a big difference, but when you’re talking about your life savings – fees really do matter. Depending on the size of your portfolio, the fees you save by investing in Compass Portfolio Series could add up to a new car or even an education for your children over the long term.


1% lower fees add up

Every dollar of fees paid is one less dollar for you. See what saving one percent of compound interest annually on a $100,000 portfolio adds up to over time.

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Compass MERs vs. Similar Portfolio Programs – 2012


*Disclaimer To provide a meaningful comparison of management expense ratios (MERs), ATBIM reviewed those mutual fund portfolio programs available for purchase in Canada that offered a similar asset target mix as Compass.  This analysis identified 54 such portfolio programs.  Within each program, every fund was grouped according to the Compass portfolio most closely aligned with the stated equity/bond weighting.  The average MER was calculated across all competitor funds within each of the six resulting groups, and then compared to the MER of the corresponding Compass Portfolio.

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Compass Portfolios' low management expense ration (MER) saves you money.

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