Rebalancing There’s no place for emotion in investing. We make decisions based on careful analysis of cold, hard data.

Regular rebalancing of each Compass Portfolio is essential to maintaining the risk return profile of the portfolio. Rebalancing realigns your portfolio back to your initial asset class weightings, to prevent the overexposure to any one asset class. Regular rebalancing also mitigates the risks of market timing and takes the emotions out from investing, helping you stay on track and keep yours goals in sight.


Setting up goals and having targets, designates a reference point to rebalance when asset class values change. Because the value of each asset category rise and fall against one another, rebalancing sells assets that went up in value and buys another that has gone down in value to bring the portfolio back to the initial reference point.

Rebalancing is a continuous fine tuning process giving you maintenance free investing so you can have more time to live your life.