Performance Drivers

Performance Drivers Performance drivers decide which Compass Portfolio is the best route to setting yourself up for life.

Speak to your advisor about the four performance drivers when you’re deciding which Compass Portfolio makes the most sense for your life.

Asset Mix. Equities, bonds and cash affect risk.

All Compass Portfolios can have a mix of cash, fixed income and equities. The more equities you own the greater your potential return and unit price swings. Cash and fixed income investments offer you a smoother ride at a lower potential rate of return.

Asset Mix  

Time. Are you on your way up or about to retire?

Your investments will have good and bad days, weeks and months, but properly diversified Compass Portfolios will ride out the ups and downs over longer periods of time. If you have more time to save, you can generally take on more risk.


Lifestyle. How much will it cost to set yourself up for life?

Tent trailer or Tuscan villa? Work weekends or long weekends? You need to know how you plan to live now, when you retire and in between in order to figure out what sort of a return you’ll need to afford the lifestyle you want.


Personality. Don’t lose sleep over your investments.

Your investments shouldn’t give you any sleepless nights. Regardless of what makes sense on paper, if you can’t stomach seeing the value of your portfolio go down – even short term – one of the lower risk Compass Portfolios is your best bet.